Our ICUK huddles are our intercultural learning communities that are designed to provide leaders with an opportunity to develop intercultural practices in a safe space.

Our huddles aim to meet monthly for 1 hour and 15 minutes, to discuss topics around intercultural leadership, mission, worship and pastoral care. 

Here are few testimonials from our current group members:

We are a small, dynamic missional HTB church, with linked schools, in a UK “most deprived” ward. 35 first languages exist in 51% of our two linked schools and community.
In this setting we feel deeply called to become an intercultural church (From Revelation 7:9). In the last year the ICUK huddle has brilliantly equipped and supported transformation, with expertise, wisdom and spiritually. As a result, we are seeing real change from almost 100% white British, to a church with many new ethnic minority members of the congregation form all over the world. Although a small church, we have church planted in the last year and the congregation has doubled in the last 6 months since then. ICUK’s support and shared wisdom from the huddle has been pivotal in the intercultural changes that have taken place. I thank my God every time I remember them for their partnership in the gospel. It’s a huge Kingdom impact.
Huddle member 1

Having a chance to regularly talk with other leaders wrestling with intercultural church is a real blessing. After each huddle I come away challenged and encouraged by fellow practitioners.

Huddle member 2

The huddle groups provide a real opportunity to share information and practice and learn from each other.

Huddle member 3

The mutual support I’ve found in our huddle has been a fantastic help to me as I’ve worked to equip our church for a more intentional expression of our interculturality. Thank you, friends!

Huddle member 4

If you would like to join our huddle community, please email for more!